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Welcome to the official Sworn Amongst Website where you can find music, show tickets, merch and more!

- Swornamongstofficial -

Sworn Amongst are a five piece band hailing from the UK. The band are a well renowned name throughout the UK and Europe with both the press and on the live circuit. Their relentless touring over recent years with pummeling live performances have seen the band on tour all over Europe and beyond, adding numbers to their ever increasing fan base. Sworn Amongst have toured with numerous acts including playing main support to Canadian speed metal legends Annihilator as well as Gama Bomb, Our Hollow, Our Home, Lotus Eater, Bonded By Blood, Susperia, Breed 77, Man Must Die, Evile and The Rotted. 
 Sworn Amongst have also played with the likes of… Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, The faceless, Anthrax, Sepultura, Chimaira, Skindread, Meshuggah, Bleed From Within, While She Sleeps, Dark Tranquility, Asking Alexandria and Sylosis.


The band have also made appearances on a variety of festival bills such as Hammerfest, Download Festival, Bloodstock, Metal Heads Mission, Wurzburg Metal Fest and Metal Invasion to name but a few. 
 Sworn Amongst's latest album ‘Under A Titan Sky’ sees the band taking a step into much heavier territories, leaving behind their tenuous thrash roots, fusing together a multitude of genres and creating a unique formula of their own. ‘Under A Titan Sky’ is armed to the teeth with ball crunching riffage and grooves, hypersonic solos, soaring vocals and bludgeoning bass lines.

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